11 Jun

Alpha version for karaoke game

Hi there, I am announcing my free time project – a game where you can see how well you sing. Voice is recorded via browser (Google Chrome works the best at the moment) and displayed in real time comparing with actual notes you have to hit. You need only microphone (even cheapest 2$ works) and click popup to allow browser use it.



No fancy hardware or software required and even no musical education needed here. It works as gray color boxes (notes) are moving from right to left and when they reach vertical line try to hit them with your voice. The higher block is, the higher you need sing and the longer the block, the longer you need to sing. Simple as that. Gray color blocks colors red to green and shows percentage 0-100 depending how good you are. Here is a simple example picture


Here is a video (though in Latvian) how it works

The project is still in very early stage and lot of improvements and polishing has to be made. However it has basic functionality to start with: upload songs in *.xml format, timeline, adjusting tempo, transpose notes, metronome.

Some works in my near future TODO list:

  • Improve lyrics display. Currently they are moving and looks a bit messy
  • Add some songs in English
  • Playlist, starred, shared functionality
  • Fix pitch line
  • Optimize performance for less powerful computers

As for long term goals I will hire designer to improve graphics and make mobile version, but this will be ready only in months of time.

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