8 Jul

Update v0.2: mic sensibility, voice range

After publishing Karaoke Bird to Latvian auditory I have received a lot of comments on improving the game. Most of them were related to usability issues, so I decided to fix them. There are list of updates made available recently:

  • Microphone sensibility. You can now set sensibility and sing with in build mic in laptop. Keep in mind, the more sensible mic is, the more noise is recorded and this can spoil your pitch
  • Voice range. Record your voices low and high pitch so game will adjust all songs specially to your voice
  • Allow microphone. Browser asks acceptance of sound recording and sometimes people block it. Reminder to allow mic
  • Info popups. Helps to navigate in the game: voice range popup and allow mic popup
  • Text highlighting. A lot more easier to read lyrics while singing
  • New songs. I have added more Latvian songs and started to put also some popular English ones

Voice range feature

Future plans

I have two big issues to improve. Neither of them is a new feature but instead optimizing performance and user experience. Currently I have made rough prototype and all options are in main screen which makes mess and it is easy to get lost. So there will be 3 or 4 tabs created for game, settings, songs and mic. After that user interface will look much cleaner and understandable. The second is slow performance due to way how notes are drawn. I will fix this with some optimizing tricks and performance will be better for slower computers.

Video covering new features (in Latvian)

At the end there is a video of popular physics teacher in Latvia – Valdis Zuters. He is also a singer andĀ sang traditionalĀ folk song

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